Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Official Start of Summer!

4th of July Planning

Is there a better time of year to
kick back, throw some dogs on
the grill, and relax with family 
and friends?   Maybe not, but 
that doesn't mean you can forget 
the calendar completely.   Please 
keep in mind that our production 
times are based on BUSINESS 
DAYS, not calendar days, so 
anytime there is a holiday and 
the schedule is tight, please plan 
on one or two days more than 
normal.  If you aren't sure, 
please just give us a call at            (412) 922-8389      or 
shoot us an email.
YES!   Football and Hockey Seasons will soon be here!

The always popular schedule magnets are ready to go!   Many of you did Penguin or Steelers magnets last year - maybe an assortment would be good this year?   And remember - Sid will be here until he is a middle-aged man with that new contract (no more "Sid the Kid, I guess!).   Jump on the bandwagon and associate your organization with another winning team!

500 @ $0.63  (less for higher volume)

School is Out.....for now!

As we mentioned last month, summer is the perfect time for academic institutions to plan for the coming year.   
  • Grade schools might need new soccer uniforms, or school uniform shirts or fund-raising items.
  • High schools will probably need academic planners, alumni golf outing gifts, stadium seats,  etc.
  • Colleges are busy planning orientation activities and student-run organizations will be busy planning their activities for early Fall events.

Company Cookout, Party or Picnic!

There are a lot of great items available to make any company event more memorable.   We love the plastic plates with built-in cup holders, for example, or small flexible coolers with built-in packs that can be refrozen.   Tees are great for team competitions, and a decent pair of logo-decorated sunglasses always go over well.   Whatever the event or the venue, we can help you make it more fun!

As always, we are only an email or phone call away.   Please call us anytime at            (412) 922-8389      , or email us at ecb@weekendwarrior.biz.   We look forward to hearing from you soon!


Ed Burgess
Maura Sevier-Burgess

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

New Golf Item - really cool and useful!

This is a great item for anyone looking for a nice item for a golf outing - it will actually be used and talked about later.

Contact me at ecb@weekendwarrior.biz for more information!

FEATURES: Golf kit includes scorecard, pencil, divot, ball marker and 4 golf tees packed in PVC wallet style folder.

L 4" x H 4 3/4"
DECORATION: Print: W 1 3/4" x H 1"
SHIPPING WT: 100 Units : 41 lbs

Price (c)
Golf Wallet Kit 

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Year's Best Flash Drive Pricing - for the moment!

ncluded in the pricing below is:
  • Free Set-up
  • Free First 3 colors on imprint
  • Free data load up to 100 MG
  • Free Virtual Proof
4GB Pricing:
  • $8.77 each for 100
  • $8.02 each for 500
  • $7.30 each for 100
2GB Pricing:
  • $8.29 each  for 100
  • $7.60 each for 500
  • $6.90 each for 1000

Best Flash Drive Pricing!


If ever there was a time to consider getting
 some USB Flash Drives, now might be that time!

This year has been crazy when it comes to this 
category.Prices were OK in the early part of the 
year, but then the Japanese tsunami changed all
 that in a heartbeat.   This is because while the 
drives were assembled elsewhere, most of the 
chips came from Japan.   When their production 
 capacity was reduced, prices sky-rocketed.    
The good news is that normalcy has prevailed and 
our prices are now lower than pre-disaster pricing - at least for the moment.   If you don't follow pricing for  these items closely, you need to know that they fluctuate weekly, almost like a stock.   

Please review the pricing to the left for standard items in 20 or more designs.  Keep in mind that if a completely custom design is required, we can turn those amazingly quick, considering what is required (usually less than a month from concept to delivery!)    

Thanks for the consideration but if you are not in the market now, please pass this along to someone you think might be.  If they mention your name, we will extend them the same pricing.


Ed Burgess
(412) 922-8389 or (412) 491-0414

Even Santa has to keep a Schedule!

Even Santa Has a Schedule!

Important Dates to Consider and Offer

We all know Santa has magical powers, but even he doesn't just wing it!    He plans his schedule, and so do we.  Here are a few important dates to consider:
  • Week of December 12th - Embroidery services begin to wind down.   This is not an absolutely hard cut-off date, but if you wait until this date to submit an order, it could be dicey.  Let's do ourselves a favor and get Embroidery orders in BEFORE this date, if possible.  (Imprinted orders can still be processed after this date, but you should keep in mind the 10-day norm and 2-day rush offerings along with the closure dates below).
  • December 26th - Most of our suppliers will be closed for the Holiday so this does not count as a business day
  • January 2nd, 2012 - Most of our suppliers will be closed for the Holiday so this does not count as a business day
  • Weekend Warrior pretty much never totally closes, so if you shoot us a note at ANY time over the holidays, we will get it and act on it appropriately.   We like it that way!

Please keep these dates in mind as you plan your end-of-year orders and to help you along, we have a promotion for our e-newsletter participants below!!


This offer is good on orders of $500 or more and for the first color only.  Simple as that!

So if you have a few bucks left in the budget, this is another good reason to "Use it or lose it"!!
A small decoration

"Tis the Season.....to Plan Ahead

'Tis the Season

(for frantic shopping?)

After a weekend of elbows and body checks (at the Malls, not the hockey rink or the football field!), we could probably all stand to take a deep breath and plan the days that lie ahead for maximum efficiency.    With that in mind, your friends at Weekend Warrior have a few Promo Tips to help navigate the Holiday season.
  1. Plan Ahead!   If I have said it once, I have said it a thousand times, there is no substitute for good planning at this time of year.   Our suppliers, many of whom might still be hedging their bets with inventory projections, may run into shortages during the coming weeks.   This could impact our customers in need of last-minute holiday gifts, or first quarter 2012 items for tradeshows or events.   If you need something between now and the end of January, I would suggest you order it BEFORE the Holidays hit.
  2. Consider the  Timing Details.   Related to the above point, it is critical to realize that many suppliers will be closed for several days around Christmas and New Year's Day.   So if we say that an item is produced in 5 business days, our customers will need to know to tack on the extra days.    (Don't worry though - we will plan the production schedule for you, as always!)
  3. Do Something!   We still will hear occassionally that a company does not have the budget to get something "really nice" so they choose to do nothing at all, or just have a Holiday party.   It truly is the thought that counts at this time of year and employees, vendors, referral sources and other business partners will be grateful that you went the extra mile and made the effort to provide a gift.   One thought:  how about nice pens that are personalized with the recipient's name?  Click here for a few ideas:  Nice Pens turned in 2 days.  This is the perfect time of year to show appreciation to those that have made you successful in the past year, and it is best to do so with a tangible item that will be used throughout the coming year.
  4. Lean on Us!   We know that you are all very busy at this time of year, so let us do most of the work for you.   To assist us, please provide us with the following:  estimated budget, type of recipient (employee, vendor, customer), timing, and any theme you might want to tie it to.   Once we have this basic information, we can conduct searches and provide you with a customized pdf "catalog" of items that can be reviewed at your leisure.   The key is to make the item memorable and useful - otherwise, it will just collect dust.  
  5. Last Minute!   We have a number of suppliers, including the pen supplier mentioned above, that can turn around orders in one or two days WITHOUT charging a premium.   So if you find yourself in a bind, we can still help, even if your party is next week! 

In closing, we would like to also make you aware of some enhanced capabilities we have regarding the decoration of apparel or other items that might be decorated with the use of embroidery or sewn on patches or plates.   For example, in the image below, a large logo is depicted for the full front or back of a jacket.   As many of you know, if this was done in thread (embroidery) only, it would be very expensive, and to cut out the designs by hand would be expensive and time-consuming.   However, our new embroidery partner uses laser cutting automation to complete the process in minutes and at a fraction of the cost!   The result is beautifully stitched and precisely cut designs at very reasonable prices and done quickly.    We are thrilled with the extended services and our clients are giving us rave reviews.     Please let us know if you have a design in mind for your next project.

As always, we can be reached at             (412) 922-8389       or via email at msb@weekendwarrior.biz or ecb@weekendwarrior.biz.   We look forward to hearing from you soon but if you can't use us at the moment, we would appreciate it if you could forward this email to someone that can!

Happy Holidays!

Maura and Ed 

Monday, August 1, 2011

Finally - let's get back to business!

With the NFL lockout settled, we can all get back to the business of football-related promotional tie-ins.   One of our more popular items, the 4 x7 inch rounded-corner Schedule Magnet can be customized in a number of ways.   Many of our clients that use them annually choose to have the main pro team schedule above and add 3 college (or high school) teams below as well as their own logo also.   Some feature several local high school schedules if they cater to both crowds, or make separate versions for each group.    They are very popular as they can be mailed in a regular business envelope, are inexpensive (63 cents each at 500 pieces) and will be used from now until mid-January!

Of course, the possibilities are nearly limitless.  Tailgate items are always popular, such as drink holders, mini-footballs or barbecue sets - anything that ties in to the local team or program.   

If you are planning some football-related activities, make it memorable with some nice custom items, but don't wait too long - you'll want to have them in plenty of time for the first game.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Update: Critical Trends in Promo

Weekend Warrior Promotional Products

Update - Recent Critical Trends

All of us have lived through some pretty interesting times in recent months, and buyers of promotional products, like yourselves, have asked some hard questions.   Well, we have answers to several of the most pressing trends in our industry.

What happened to the price of my Tee-shirts?

100 % cotton tee-shirts are one of the most popular items we sell today.   It is versatile, easy to decorate, and appeals to a wide audience, and until recently, was very inexpensive.   Between 2000 and 2010, the average cost of cotton was about 60 cents per pound but by March of this year, the cost had jumped to about $2.20 a pound!  Gildan, one of our favorite and highest quality suppliers, raised prices 4 times in 6 months - an unprecedented situation for this long-time supplier to the promotional products industry - and many other apparel-providers followed their lead.   So what happened?   A "perfect storm" of events globally influenced the price of cotton in dramatic ways.

According to industry experts, the cost jump was caused by multiple factors spanning several growing seasons including:
  • increased demand in emerging markets and first-world countries as their economies began to expand or recover
  • production shortfalls caused partly by farmers who opted to plant other crops that were, at the time, more profitable
  • bad weather in major cotton-producing countries such as the US and Pakistan
  • India, the world's second-largest cotton exporter limited exports in an effort to stabilize prices in their country
  • market speculation in cotton futures (Gordon Gecko, in other words)


So what's the off-shoot of all this, besides higher priced tee-shirts and other cotton apparel?   As a result of the increase in cotton prices, other apparel that was previously thought to be "too expensive" is now a lot closer in price.   For example, according to Mary Ellen Nichols, Director of Marketing at Bodek and Rhodes (a top supplier in the promo apparel industry), the increase in cotton cost has made "performance wear" much closer in price, and as a result has made the more expensive items much more attractive.  In fact, 29 % of Bodek's line is now considered in that category, up from only 3 % just 5 years ago.  Other suppliers report similar trends, especially with the improvement in decorating techniques now available for this category.   Weekend Warrior has seen a spike in very thin moisture management apparel that would be difficult and/or expensive to decorate in multiple colors without the use of the new-age transfers (as shown in the pics below).

Can I get my USB Drives now, please?   

Yes, you certainly can!   Besides all the normal "fun" economic activity of the last several years, we faced the added challenge this year of memory chip shortages due to the disastrous earthquake in Japan.   Although most of the USB drives used for the promo industry are assembled in China, many of the key components come from Japan, so any delay in the shipment of the Japanese parts could, and did, cause delays, uncertainty and dramatic (but temporary) price increases.  There is good news on this front!

According to Nate Tangerini, National Accounts Manager at leading supplier US Flash and Technologies, LLC, "the feared supply shortages that caused the immediate spike in chip prices after the earthquake have proven to be largely unfounded as other chip manufacturers boosted production to fill the supply gap.  Not only are chip prices below where they were at this time last year, but they are at or near where they were just prior to the earthquake" (see pricing sample below).   For any company considering a project involving memory drives, availability and speculation currently is not an issue.  Even so, by its nature, the market remains so volatile that suppliers are reluctant to quote prices for more than one or two weeks in advance.    The good news is that turn-around time has dropped dramatically, even on custom shapes or designs, so the price fluctuation issue has been largely muted.

For more information, please contact Ed Burgess at:  ecb@weekendwarrior.biz or (412) 922-8389;  or visit us online at www.weekendwarrior.biz